Monday, October 14, 2013


The weather is beginning to cool, the trees are gradually letting go of their leaves after displaying a breathtaking show of crimson and gold.  All around, there is beauty… if one will just take a moment to behold it.
That is, until your eyes fall upon the disembodied foot hanging from that mailbox over there…
Oh, yeah.  That “holiday”.  Halloween.  The festival of all things gross and evil.  Why do people celebrate these things?  I have no idea; I’ve never understood that.
What bothers me most, however – what I really don’t understand – is why churches have special programs to celebrate “Halloween”.  I really, really, don’t get it. What is the logic behind this practice?  Why do we try to baptize this festival of evil by getting the church involved?
We dress up our kids as witches and ghosts, give them skull shaped candy and, in short, celebrate death and evil and paganism…
… and then tell them that Jesus hates sin, that He died to redeem us from our sin, that witchcraft is wicked, and that Christ has overcome death?
Doesn’t work, people.
Don’t tell me that Halloween is just a neat chance for kids to dress up, that churches get involved to help avoid the danger of going to knock on strangers’ doors, and that it’s all a bunch of innocent fun.
That illusion may have been possible to believe in decades past, perhaps, when the blatantly evil side of Halloween wasn’t always so overt – but a simple glance at the Halloween decorations in Cracker Barrel or Walmart or any other store should convince anyone that this is not just a harmless, silly way to amuse the children.

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