Sunday, August 25, 2013


e, that we can pick and choose which parts of the Bible to follow?
Yes, I’m being sarcastic.  Obviously.
According to feminists, the mother who stays home to teach her own children is less-than successful.  Were she to teach someone else’s children in a classroom miles away from her home while sending her own children to different classrooms down the hall, she would be successful.  But to sit in her own house, teaching her own children?  Is she even qualified for that?
To work as a cook in a restaurant is an acceptable way for her to spend her time, but to cook for her own family, up to a thousand or so meals per year?  Why would she want to do that when eating out is an option?
Since a career is supposed to be the most important thing, children are no longer a blessing, but are instead an obstacle to the betterment of self. An individualistic mindset is praised and extolled.  We have broken through the glass ceiling, we don’t have to be oppressed with the responsibility of caring about the welfare of anyone but ourselves, you see.
Marriage is optional and should never ever hamper your career, and children should be put off until the time that they are affordable and convenient and “planned”.  Oh, and two children are more than enough, right? The only reason that anyone would want more is because they want their own TV show like the Duggars, of course.
To be politically correct, children have to be put in government schools. After all, it’s the job of the government to educate kids, right? The family isn’t qualified for such things, and why would they want to put so much time and effort into their children when they could be expending their energy on more important things?
Yes, women are just as important and valuable as men, but the only way that they can prove this is by acting just like a man and eschewing every element of their femininity.  This is how they are able to achieve worth and value.
According to the feminist mindset, anyway.
But rather than helping women as they claim, however, feminists have demeaned women.  If a woman has to be able to act like a man to prove that she is a fulfilled person, than obviously, it stands to reason to conclude that a woman is inferior to a man, and that only by leaving her natural passions and sphere of influence, only by trying to be a man, does she achieve worth.  Femininity is attacked, and the truly successful woman, we are told, is one who is able to do everything a man does just as well as he does it, or better.
Is a women equal to a man in worth?  Absolutely.  God did not create humans and sub-humans.  But having her try to prove this by acting just like a man is contradictory in the extreme.  God did create man and woman different, and it is ridiculous to attempt to prove that they aren’t different.
What if the US Air Force tried to prove its value in the same way that feminists try to prove theirs?  What if they all abandoned their airplanes and built a fleet of ships, insisting that they were just as good as those in the Navy?
Wouldn’t it be easy for us to recognize the fact that their words and their actions were at odds?  That if they truly are as important as the Navy, then the abandonment of their roles in the Air Force is incredibly detrimental to our country’s defense?
Why then can’t we realize that feminism follows the same sort of twisted logic?

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