Thursday, August 29, 2013

{Awkward & Awesome}

Quite a few of my bloggin’ friends have weekly “Awkward and Awesome” posts.  While I’ve often considered joining in on the trend, I always decided against it, as I’m really bad about posting things on schedule.
Since I really enjoy reading others’ posts, however, I’m going attempt to at least do an occasional A&A post.  Whether or not they’ll be on schedule or not… well, we’ll see.  
ANYWAY.  Without any further ado…
  • Sipping a mocha frappuccino and feeling something lodge in my throat – I  assume that it’s just a chunk of ice and wait for it to melt, only it doesn’t, and I finally cough up a miniscle piece of foil.  What. on. earth.?!
  • Babysitting and not being able to understand half of what the energetic five year-old is saying.
  • An alarm clock which doesn’t pay attention to whether or not it’s set to go off or not.  Augh! 
  • Walking outside and nearly tripping over the huge black dog who insists on laying on the top step.
  • Not wanting to print out a sheet of music without first hearing it, so I set my iPod on the piano and squinted at the tiny notes on the screen while trying to play them… fail.
  • Casting my fishing line over a telephone wire instead of into the lake.  Don’t ask.
  • The amount of homemade dill pickles I’ve consumed in the last week or so.   I’ve refilled the jar twice.
  • Deciding to re-upholster the seat cushion of my desk chair and pulling 31 tack-thingys out to get the current fabric off.  I think someone went overboard?  Slightly?

  • Thrift stores.  Seriously, where else can you get 3-4 items of clothing for less than $10?
  • Having sisters *cough*finally*cough* agree with my opinions on how our room should be “decorated”.  Now to find some black paint to “fix” that bright red bunkbed…
  • Getting home and having little siblings run out to meet me while squealing with excitement – even though I’ve only been gone for a couple hours.
  • People who “get” my corny, rather bizarre, and kinda-sarcastic sense of humor.
  • The fact that our road (as far as I know) isn’t going to be re-paved.  I know that sounds like an odd thing to list as “awesome”, but I really don’t want to have the amount of traffic coming down our road increase.  I like things quiet.  
  • Taking a day off from normal activities to go fishing and four wheeling.
  • The fact that the end of summer is in sight.  Which means that my three favorite seasons are just around the corner.
  • Pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins for breakfast.

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