Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sourdough II {+ Plums}

I finished my last post with a promise to tell you guys how the sourdough bread turned out, fully intending at the time to do so fairly soon.  But then, stuff happened, and writing a follow-up blog post just wasn’t a high priority.  Sorry ’bout that…
I’d show you a lovely photo of the finished product, except that I don’t have one.  And honestly, the bread wasn’t lovely, anyway.  Picture in your mind a brown brick made of baked dough…
Mom liked the bread, at least.  I’m less than thrilled with the results.  Maybe I just had silly and unrealistic expectations, but I wasn’t expecting a squarish lump which tastes like kefir.  But that’s what I got.
One lady referred to sourdough starter as a pet.  O.o  So.  I have a new pet, sitting inside the fridge like a lump of dough.  I think it needs to go to obedience school.  Or cooking school.  Or maybe I’m the one needing to go to school.  Or something like that.
Anyway.  I’ll try again with the silly stuff later, and hopefully will have better results.  If not… well, at least Mom will eat it.

In other news, the little tree in our front yard which produces these lovely blossoms every year has decided to give us plums.  Lots of itsy-bitsy-kinda-sour plums.
I blanched, peeled, and pitted a good number of them this evening, and I’m not going to do that again if I can help it.  I probably got a teaspoon or less of actually fruit out of each plum, and for that much work, it just isn’t worth it.  The meager amount of fruit left is cooking in the crock pot at the moment, and I guess I’ll figure out how to make it into jam or butter or something tomorrow.
Unless I figure out some easier way to take care of the rest, though, I think that’ll be the extent of our plum harvest this year.
ANYWAY.  That’s the extent of my kitchen woes for the moment.  Now I’m going to go figure out how to get my chocolate fix… ;)

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