Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deadly Red Ties and Other Random Musings

Pulling into church last Sunday morning, our family was surprised to see multiple police cars scattered throughout the parking lot.  We are currently not attending one particular church and are instead visiting various congregations in the area, so we were not present for any announcements given the previous week.
Once we reached the lobby area, Mom was pulled aside by an excited church member who let her know that “Newt Gingrich is coming here today!  He’s going to go right through those doors!”  After politely exiting the conversation, Mom slipped over to the rest of us to give us the news.  Our reactions ranged from “Eww! Yuck!” to “Who’s he?”, but we managed to make our way to the balcony without too much commotion.
Thankfully, the service was not at all focused on Newt, and at the end when the Pastor did mention him, he made sure to state that Jesus was the most important visitor.  Nevertheless, “our” pew was conspicuously still and silent when everyone else was applauding and welcoming Gingrich.  I was deeply disappointed in how excited so many seemed at the prospect of meeting him – if we had been in some place other than church, I would have been tempted to boo or start chanting ‘End the Fed!’.
Had Obama or Clinton or someone else wearing a blue tie been there instead that day I doubt that they would have received such an enthusiastic welcome – but because Gingrich wears a red tie, no one seems to look twice at the fact that he is otherwise indistinguishable from many liberals.  Ugh.  Red ties are quite deadly, I’m afraid.  So far they’ve managed to do much are harm to our country, and I’m surprised that many continue to be blinded by them.
Those of you who aren’t new here likely notice that I’ve changed my background theme. (yet again!)  Hopefully this one is for keeps.  I like it, even thought the html has proved slightly difficult to manipulate.  If any of you note any bugs, flaws, or ugly stuff I’d be thankful if you’d leave me a comment pointing them out.
In other news, google has discontinued the friend connect gadget for all non-blogger sites.  Since I’ve been double posting to my old blogger blog lately, anyone “following” me there will still get updates in their blogger news feed, although it’ll be more hassle than before.  If you know me in person/know me well enough that you know my full name feel free to “friend” me on facebook, (no guarantees that I’ll confirm, though!) but if not, sorry…
It’s been different lately with no real baby around the house.  For the first time in about decade there are no diapers to change, no burp rags to fold, no little one to “fight” over… In a way it’s sort of sad, because unless God sends another sibling, that chapter of our family’s life is finished.
My days lately are filled with school.  Trying to finish up twelfth grade and “graduate” from my days of formal schooling has me busier than I’d like to be, but thankfully I’m in the home stretch now.  Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed, although I’m a perfectionist and the overwhelm is mostly my own fault, I think.
I’m also trying to figure out what to do after graduating.   Taking over schooling some of the littles is an option, although right now I think Mom is doing a better job than I would be able to.  I’d also like to find a way to get some sort of income, although I’d prefer for it to be from home or self employed.  Photography is something I really want to look into, although I’d need a better camera than the one I -er, Mom – has.  Heh.
Anyway, if you’ve read through this far I congratulate you.  Thanks for bearing with my rambling.

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